Downloading and Using Fonts on Zebra ZPL Printers

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Issue / Question

How to print True Type fonts using ZPL files?

Applicable To

Zebra ZPL compatible printers

Resolution / Answer

NOTE The use of TrueType or other non-Zebra purchased fonts require licensing and is the responsibility of the user to acquire permission for use in the printer.


  • Here are the instructions on how to download the fonts to the printer:

Zebra Setup Utilities: Downloading Fonts to a Printer

Once the font is stored in the printer memory, in order to be used, it must be recalled in the text field and this can be done by recalling the font filename or assigning an identifier to the font.

NOTE Rebooting your printer will not assign the identifier of all the fonts stored in the E memory.

The first step in either solution is to know the font filename; if your printer is equipped with a display, you can browse the Tools menu, Print information, select Fonts, and then Print, otherwise, this operation can be done by sending the following command to the printer. Refer to this link for more details about Zebra Setup Utilities: Sending Printer Commands and Receiving Data:


The printer prints the list of fonts stored in the E memory.

Once a font is stored in the printer memory, the filename will slightly changed, but the filename is still similar to the font name and hence it is easier to recognize. In this case, the Brush Script MT font is stored and the filename is BRU000.TTF.

  • Recalling the font filename using the A@ command


  • N is the field orientation (Normal)
  • 50 is the font width (expressed in dots)
  • 70 is the font height (expressed in dots)


  • Assigning an identifier to the font
Since on the E memory the identifier assignments are automatically canceled when the printer is rebooted, this solution requires adding the ^CW command before recalling the font to assign the identifier to each print job sent to the printer. This is not required when using the native Zebra fonts stored in the Z memory since they have already an assigned letter by default. These fonts can be listed using the following command and the fonts files are the ones with FNT or TTF file extension.

The ^CW command can be used to assign an identifier to a font; in the following example the K letter is assigned to the BRU000.TTF font file.
When you print the font list, the following picture will be printed:

Now, you can recall the font using the ^A command plus the letter assigned to the K font.

^XA^FO50,50^AKN,50,70^FDSample text^FS^XZ
  • N is the field orientation (Normal)
  • 50 is the font width (expressed in dots)
  • 70 is the font height (expressed in dots)

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