Enabling the Link-OS Data Capture Feature when running a Virtual Device Language - APL

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Topic or Information

When running a Zebra Link-OS printer with a virtual device application installed, the printer's input capture feature is not available

Applies To

Link OS Printers running the APL Virtual Device Application


 In order to capture incoming data in the virtual printer language the printer's "apl.enable" SGD parameter must be turned off. Once the input capture dump file has been examined the virtual device can be re-enabled.
To capture incoming data in the virtual printer language send the following commands to the printer:
! U1 setvar "apl.enable" "none" (turns off virtual printer language support)
! U1 setvar "input.capture" "run" (turns on input capture feature)
Send data to the printer in the virtual printer language
! U1 setvar "input.capture" "off" (turns off input capture feature)
! U1 TYPE IN001.DMP (examine the resulting dump file(s)
! U1 setvar "apl.enable" "apl-x" (turns virtual device support on, where "x" will be the appropriate letter for the virtual printer language in use)



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