EPC Memory and the ^RF ZPL Command - the memory difference between “E” and “1” memory bank

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Difference between RFID EPC  “E” and “1” memory bank

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RFID Printers 


The ZPL command ^RF has 2 options that support EPC memory:  ^RFo,f,b,n,m

m = Gen2 memory bank. The options for EPC are:  E = EPC 96bit and 1 = EPC.

RZ Command Details Read More>>

Memory differences between "E" memory bank and "1" when using the ^RF are displayed below:

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When using memory bank "1" user can access the CRC and Protocol Control bits.  If they use Memory bank "1" and wish to write the EPC data only, then they need to start at block 2.  If they try to write to block 0, they will get an error as they are attempting to overwrite the CRC and PC-bits.  The protocol control bits, is the area of memory that defines how big the EPC data is.  To change the size of the Protocol Control bits Read More>>

When using memory bank "E" they can't access the CRC or Protocol Control bits and need to start their writing at block 0.  This EPC memory is limited to 96bits.

For full details on the RFID ZPL command ^RF and programming examples, see the RFID Programming Guide. Read More>>


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