Creating a program that uses a web based application for local printing

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Printing from a web based application to a local printer

  • Developing web based printing applications
  • Application developers exploring printing options


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Zebra Printers and web applications


While it is possible to send a web-based print job from a remote host to a locally connected printer, currently Zebra does not offer a product that directly facilitates the process.  This applies for both PCs and Mobile devices.  Our SDKs provide a great amount of client-side functionality; however, one will not be able to use our line of SDKs to call a print job from a remote host to a client machine connected to a local printer without an additional client side application.  In general, web technologies such as and Java Server Pages do not support direct printing without additional client side software because it creates valid security risks.  

In order to have a remote host print to a locally connected printer, the client machine must have some piece of software installed that addresses the web based printing process.  This guarantees that the user consents to the print job since it requires the installation of the software.  Some options to explore, that Zebra doesn't directly support, when considering having a web application print locally:

  • ActiveX Controls
  • Custom written client side software
  • Browser printer plugins / addons 

Zebra does offer paid professional services to help you design and implement the software necessary for this setup.  If you are interested in such a service, contact your reseller/distributor for details.

Alternatively, if the client PC is on the same network as the host machine, one can set up the printer as a shared printer. Once shared, the printer will now effectively be on the same network as the host machine and can call print jobs accordingly. (How to: Read More>>


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