Altering the Barcode Human Readable Fonts and Spacing using ZebraDesigner Software

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Modifying the Barcode Human Readable Text when using ZebraDesigner Software

Applies To

ZebraDesigner v2 and ZebraDesigner Pro v2 bar code field creation.


Basic knowledge of ZebraDesigner label creation steps including using the Barcode Wizard to create bar codes.


ZebraDesigner has the ability to allow for modification of text fonts and spacing within the human readable of bar codes in label designs.  However, you have to ensure that you follow the appropriate procedure of creating the bar code to enable this feature.

The following procedure can be used to create custom fonts and font sizes for human readable barcode text as well as modify character spacing within the human readable text.  


1.  Create your barcode field by selecting Bar Code within the Toolbar on the left hand side of the software and then click within the boundaries of the label to open the Bar Code wizard.


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2.  After clicking on Define... the Edit Bar Code wizard will open.  This is where you can specify the type of bar code that you need to use and the most important part is to check the "Print bar code as a graphic" checkbox.  This checkbox is what enables you to use custom fonts, spacing, and sizing within the human readable text of the bar code.


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3.  Click on the Human Readable tab at the top of the Bar Code wizard.  So long as you have the "Print bar code as a graphic" checkbox checked, you can modify your Style (fonts and sizing).


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4.  After selecting your font and sizing, click OK.  This will bring you back to your Edit Bar Code wizard.  To add special spacing to the human readable characters, you need to use the Content Mask option at the bottom of the wizard.  The default mask character is an asterisk (*).  You need to space the mask characters as you want your actual chracters to be spaced in the human readable text of the bar code.  Example: if you want your characters to be displayed in groupings of three chracters then your Content Mask would be "*** *** *** ***".  You can continue this on depending on the amount of characters you anticipate being within the bar code.  Only the * or content mask character will be replaced with your actual characters, see screenshots below for an example using a phone number within the bar code.  All characters will be printed in the human readable but not encoded in the bar code.


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At this point, the barcode should be ready for printing.  The same steps are taken regardless of whether you are using fixed data or variable data within the barcode data.  You can now continue creating your label design to your specifications.

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