Bluetooth Setup using the Zebra Setup Utility

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Issue / Question

How to set up Bluetooth connectivity? 

How to configure Bluetooth on printers?

How to use the Zebra Setup Utility to configure a Bluetooth-compatible Zebra Printer?

Applicable To

Zebra Setup Utility, Zebra Printer with Bluetooth Capability, (excluding ZQ110, EM220, EM220II)

Resolution / Answer

NOTE Ensure the Bluetooth Host is equipped with the Zebra Setup Utilities.


You can use the Zebra Setup Utility to quickly configure Zebra printers for Bluetooth connectivity. A connectivity wizard walks the user through the setup process.


NOTE Download the latest Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) to your device. Connect the printer you want to set up Bluetooth connectivity with the PC with the installed ZSU. The following screenshots are taken from version 


  1. Go to Zebra Setup Utility and select the required Printer.
  2. Click the Configure Printer Connectivity button. 

  3. Select the Bluetooth option then click the Next button. 

  4. There are several configurable parameters on the next screen, perform the steps below: 
  • Enabled - Select the checkbox to enable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Friendly Name - This parameter sets the Friendly Name, which is part of the local name used during service discovery. The Friendly Name is a string of up to 17 characters long. It will default to the printer serial number if it is not set by the user. Changes to the Friendly Name parameter will not occur until power is cycled.
  • Discoverable – Select ON from the drop-down menu to set the Bluetooth discoverable mode. When this is set to ON, other devices on Bluetooth scanning can find this device. 
  • Authentication pin - This parameter is used to connect to the printer and only applicable to Bluetooth 2.0 and below only. 
  • Bonding – Set as On to allow the printer to save the previous connection information.
  • Enable Reconnect – Select iOS Only to set connecting devices as listed for iOS Only.
  • Pairing Method – Select the method you want the printer to pair.
  • Bluetooth Controller Mode – Currently available for ZQ500, ZD410, and ZD420 printers.
    You can configure the printer to use one of the following modes:
    - Classic and Low Energy (also known as 'Bluetooth Smart Ready).
    - Classic only (also known as 'Bluetooth Classic').
    - Low Energy only (also known as 'Bluetooth Smart').
Bluetooth low energy settings - Additional options are displayed for printers supporting Bluetooth Low Energy. If the printer is configured for a Low Energy option, further configuration options shall be displayed to define security mode and pairing settings.
  • The Low Energy minimum security level that the printer allows can be set. Higher security levels are always allowed if requested by the central device.
  • For printers that have no LCD, the Low Energy Pairing Method can be set.
    • The Print Number option enables passkey comparison, and the passkey is printed out.
    • The Do Not Print Number option disables passkey comparison, and the printer will use the Just Works pairing method (note that with Just Works there is a lack of security/authentication).
    • The Use Printer Settings option will use the pairing method currently set in the printer. The current setting will be either Print Number or Do Not Print Number.
Bluetooth low energy is currently used for small bursts of data at shorter ranges. There are no use cases available for Bluetooth Low Energy in Zebra printers at this time. There is also no sample code and no known programs developed for non-Zebra devices to communicate using BTLE with the Zebra printers that support it. 


  1. With the information of your selection, click on the Next button.
  2. View the generated commands by the utility on the next page. Click on the Next button. 

  3. Select the Printer option to directly send the printer to the new configuration.
  4. Click on the Finish button to send the configuration and end the process. 

Your printer Bluetooth is now updated to your configuration. You may pair it with your devices. 
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