Zebra Card Image Prints With What Looks Like Streaks or Feathers of Wrong Color

Zebra Card Image Prints With What Looks Like Streaks or Feathers of Wrong Color

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More often than not this is due to a ribbon wrinkle or the print head resistance being set too high.

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Zebra Performance Class and Value Class card Printers (P100i, P110i, P110m, P120i, P330i, P330m, P430i)


Ribbon Wrinkle

During the printing process, if the ribbon folds over on itself and creates a "wrinkle", the card will print out with off-color stripes. This most often occurs when printing dark colors from edge to edge. There are four potential solutions for this problem:

  • Go into the driver and check the Color Correction and Print head settings windows. You may need to adjust intensity settings down, particularly if the Yellow, Magenta or Cyan intensity settings are set high (i.e. adjustment slider far to the right.) Adjusting all three sliders for Yellow, Magenta and Cyan (or Red, Green, Blue in the color correction window) will change the lightness or darkness of your image, but should not change the coloration. Try several test images after each adjustment to observe the final effects.
  • You may have your ribbon incorrectly installed. Make sure that the supply and take-up reels are seated snugly against the back of their respective spindles.
  • The print head may be producing too much heat.  Lowering the print head resistance may eliminate ribbon wrinkle. Please see separate entry for print head resistance adjustment.
  • The print head and/or peel bar may be misaligned. If so, the unit will need to be serviced at the factory.

An Example of "Tiger Stripes" or streaks in the print is below.  This is usually caused by improper printhead resistance being used and it may need to be decreased (see Additional Information below for adjustment information):

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