Can Access Ports Be Daisy Chained?

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Can Access Ports Be Daisy Chained?


The AP100 and AP200 units can be daisy chained, but the AP300 cannot.


The maximum number of AP200s that can be daisy chained is three.
  • The AP200 that is plugged into the switch will need to be powered using power supply, part number 50-24000-049.
  • The AP200 can use the “a” radio and/or the “b” radio.
One AP200 and one AP100 can be daisy chained.
  • The AP200 can use POE and will be plugged into the switch and the AP100 would be plugged into the AP200.
  • The AP200 can only use the “a” radio and the AP100 will use its “b” radio.