Can the Touch Screen on the MC30xx or MC90xx Be Disabled within the Wavelink TE Client Only?

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Issue / Question

How to disable the touch screen on MC30xx or MC90xx?

Can the touch screen on the MC30xx or MC90xx be disabled within the Wavelink TE Client Only?

Applicable To

MC30xx, MC90xx

Resolution / Answer

By default, the Pen/Mouse Cursor Movement option in Wavelink Emulation Software is set to enabled. The function is to help the user to move around the display by touching the screen with a pen-type device.

You can disable this option if you do not want the touch screen to be active.

NOTE The touch screen can only be disabled within the Wavelink Emulation software.

Find the option within the Emulation Parameters: Go to Emulation > Display > Pen/Mouse Cursor Movement

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