CE Device Is in the Cradle but the Screen Still Shows IPL Requires AC

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After launching IPL, the device requires an AC power source in order to proceed. User places the device into the charging cradle but the screen still shows “IPL Requires AC”.


All Zebra Enterprise CE devices

Root Cause

The device is not detecting a charge from the cradle. The cradle might not be getting proper power from the power supply.


Troubleshoot to ensure that the cradle is properly provided with power.
  1. When device is placed into the cradle, make sure the charging indicator LED is on.  If not, check that the power supply and the connectors are properly connected.
  2. If the cradle has a spare battery-charging slot, put a battery in it and see if the charging indicator LED goes on.
  3. Take out the battery and try to power on or warm reboot the device while in the cradle (except the MC90xx).
  4. On a Pocket PC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003 device, put the device into the charging cradle, tap Start-->Settings-->System tab-->Power.  If the cradle is charging the device, under main battery it will say “Recharging state: Charging”.  If it says “Battery power remaining:” the cradle is not receiving power.
  5. On a CE .NET device, put the device into the charging cradle, tap Start-->Programs-->File Explorer. Browse to the Application directory, and launch CtlPanel.exe.  In the CtlPanel, double tap the Battery, and the “Power Source” should say “AC Power”.  If it says “Battery”, the cradle is not receiving power.

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