Changes in main.mcl Are Not Saved

Article ID: 39316272


Edits that are made to main.mcl outside of MCL Designer are not saved once the project is opened and saved within MCL Designer.


MCL Designer

Root Cause

MCL Designer rebuilds all .mcl files when a project is saved. Edits made outside of MCL Designer will not be incorporated into the newly saved project.


All changes to an MCL project should be done in an active MCL Designer session.  If changes must be made outside of MCL Designer, the new project has to be loaded with MCL Link or MCL Link Lite.  This new project can never be opened in MCL Designer.  Doing so will cause these changes to be lost. 
  1. Use an active MCL Designer session when making changes to an existing MCL project.
  2. If changes need to be made outside an active MCL Designer session, this new project cannot be opened in MCL Designer.  This new project must be loaded onto the scanner using MCL Link or MCL Link Lite.

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