Communicating with the ZP-Series Printer via the serial, USB, or ZebraNet Printserver Interface.

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Communicating with the printer via the serial,  USB, or ZebraNet Printserver interface.

This solution is useful for:

  • Checking port connections
  • Checking communication & parameters
  • Cabling and pin out requirements
  • Diagnosing data received by the printer

Applies To

ZP450, ZP500 Printers


Symptoms resolved by this solution include

  • Data light does not flash when print job is sent
  • Data light flashes but does not print
  • Printing garbage, skips print, and random misprints

The ZP450 & ZP500 printers can be connected to a data source via the serial, or USB port.  In addition a ZebraNet PrintServer allows connection to an Ethernet network.


Important - Install the shipping vendor driver before plugging the USB cable into the printer.
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Serial Communications
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Ethernet using the ZebraNet Print Server Option
The printer must be connected to the Ethernet Network to configure the printer. The IP Address of the printer (typically set via DHCP) can be viewed after connecting the printer and printing a configuration label. 

Printing a Configuration label - With the printer powered on and labels loaded, hold the Feed Button for one flash and then release it. A configuration label will print and the IP Address can be viewed. Use the Printer's Web Interface to configure the printer. Read More>>

Additional Information

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