Configuring the Host IP Address

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Why am I unable to conenct to my HOST after receiving the unit back from repair?


Unit times out with no connection to host.
No Host IP address is set or host address is incorrect.
  1. Tap Wavelink Client iconon the device  to activate client.
  2. Prompt appears:  No Host Connection, <Enter> to connect.
  3. Tap on the tab for TelnetCE Options.
  4. Select Configure.
  5. Select Host Profiles.
  6. Enter password: system.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. If adding new Host Profile, tap ADD, if editing an existing profile, hi-light profile and tap EDIT.
  9. Enter correct Host address in ADDRESS field, verify host protocol is correct, enter host port.  Port 23 is the default telnet port. Port 22 is the port used for SSH host ocnnection.  Select a host name that has meaning for the profile.
  10. Tap Save.
  11. Tap Done to complete.
  12. Profile can also be set on the Product Configurator and sent down to the unit via Activesync, Airbeam or Avalance deployment.

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