Converting MSP License Certificates to MSP Configuration Keys

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How do I add licenses to MSP? How can I add new licenses to MSP? How can I generate a new MSP Configuration Key using the license certificate serial numbers?


Unable to add my newly purchased licenses to MSP using the MSP License Certificates received. When new MSP licenses are purchased they must first be converted into an MSP Configuration Key before they can be added to MSP.


In order to add new licenses to MSP the following steps should be followed:
  1. Access the Zebra Enterprise License Portal (
    • If this is the first time using the portal please review the information from the following guide
    • My Licenses - License Key Activation (
  2. Select MSP from the Select Product Category drop down box
  3. Enter your MSP serial number into the "Enter Product Serial Number" field
  4. Press GO
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  5. Click on Add Certificates
    • Enter the Serial Number(s) from the MSP License Certificates that were received
    • If you have more then one you can add them all at once by clicking the link that says Add Another
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    • User-added image
  6. Once all Certificate Serial Numbers have been entered click Apply
    • At this point the certicates are in a Pending state in case you have more Certificates that need to be entered
  7. When you are sure there are no more Certificate Serial Numbers that need to be enterd click Complete Upgrade
    • The website will now generate a new MSP Configuration Key from the Certificate Serial Numbers provided
  8. Copy the newly generated MSP Configuration Key to add to your MSP Server
    • The new MSP Configuration Key will be located at the bootom of the page

This information applies to MSP v2.x and v3.x only.
For infomration on how to add new MSP Configuration Keys to MSP v3.x or MSP v4.x please review the article 4645 - "How to Apply New Configuration Key to MSP" ( Read More>>)