Data transmitted from a P3x0 or P4x0 does not show up in MCL Link or MCL Link Lite.

Article ID: 37656968


Unable to Send Data from P3x0 or P4x0 via MCL Link or Link Lite when Attached as Keyboard Wedge or USB


P3x0 P4x0

Root Cause

MCL does not accept data from Keyboard Wedge or USB.


Transmit data directly into an application that accepts keyboard strokes, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, or use a direct-connect RS-232 cable.
  1. MCL Link and MCL Link Lite will only accept communication from direct connect RS-232 cables.  Part number 25-17817-20R is used when communicating through a PL3x0 or PL4x0 cradle. 
  2. The direct connect RS-232 cable part number is 25-33359-31R (25-33359-30 is the previous part number) when connecting directly from the bottom of a P360 or P460 scanner.

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