RW-Series - DC current necessary for battery eliminator using cigarette lighter adapter

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DC current and voltage necessary when using the battery eliminator

Applies To

Zebra RW Series Mobile Printer Battery Eliminators


Printer performance issues may result if one is using an outlet that does not supply sufficient current for the battery eliminator.

Installer(s) need to define appropriate connection points in the vehicles that can consistently provide a minimum of 15 ADC at 12 volts.  Connection points that are tied to other devices in the vehicle that continuously or on occasion draw current which drops the source capability below the 15 amp minimum are likely to result in poor or erratic printing.  Read More>>


+ Product Codes

  • RW 220 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Print Station
  • RW Series Mobile Printers