Designing an RFID Label in Zebra Designer Pro

Designing an RFID Label in Zebra Designer Pro

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Creating an RFID label in ZebraDesigner Pro v2 software.  Only the Pro version of the software has RFID capability.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Pro v2 Software, ZebraDesigner for XML v2, ZebraDesigner for MySAP v2


The printer must be calibrated for the media installed and the RFID inlay being used.  Tag specifications may be required if troubleshooting is needed.


Adding an RFID element to a label design in ZebraDesigner Software is similar to adding a text or barcode field.  You can create a basic label (see creating a basic label within Helpful Information below) and then just add the RFID element to the label.  Below is an example setup:


1.  In order to add the RFID element to your label, you need to click on the "RFID" object option on the left hand object toolbar and then click on the label to open up the RFID setup wizard:
User-added image


Click on the label after selecting RFID Tag and the following wizard should appear:

User-added image


2.  Once the wizard is open, you can modify the settings of the RFID Tag Data.  Make sure to specify the appropriate type of tag (Gen2 96bit, Gen2 128bit, Gen2 240bit) and select the correct data field to be encoded (EPC and User Data are most common data banks to be used).  You can then choose the type of data that you need encoded (HEX encoded string is recommended although ASCII String can be used).  Lastly, you can enter the data you need encoded into the Data Source.  You can use fixed data or a variable source for the data (you will select Element if variable data is to be used). If you select Element, you will be linking to existing text or barcode element on the label design:

User-added image

Note:  The tag data may be padded with data if it does not fill the entirety of the data block.  


3.  After completing the RFID Wizard, you should see a sample inlay image appear in the background of the label design showing that the label design includes RFID encoding data.  At this point you can move forward to printing.  If Voids occur, typically this will be caused by improper calibration of the printer or improper RFID calibration on the printer.  See Helpful Information for further information:

User-added image

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