Displaying a mobile printer 2Key report using the Front Panel Buttons or the Zebra Setup Utility

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There are two ways to produce the 2-key report on mobile printers. This is useful in checking what settings have changed since prior configurations or ensuring that new configurations are set. This also acts as a test label when using the two button method to assure the printer is functioning..

Applies To

Zebra Mobile Printers (excluding EM Series and ZQ110)


For printing the report
Printer loaded with media ready for printing

For displaying the report
Verified communication with printer as well as having the Zebra Setup Utilities  (ZSU) Installed

  • Download the hex file (2key.zip) and unzip to access the 2key.hex file Click here>> 
  • Save the unzipped "2key.hex" file to a known file location for use with the Zebra Utility 


Printing the 2-key report on your labels
Mobile printers have a 2-key selftest label (configuration report) that is generated by holding two buttons on the printer front panel. Read More>>

Displaying the 2-key report on a PC
As an alternative you can use the Zebra Setup Utility to send escape characters contained in the 2key.zip file to allow retrieval of the data that can be viewed in the ZSU view window. 

Open up the Zebra Setup Utility (ZSU) and click the "Open Communication With Printer" button.

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The following communication window will appear.

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Then click "Open" from the toolbar:

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Unzip, select and open the "2Key.hex" file. The following should appear in the Data Send screen.

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Then click the "Send To Printer" from the toolbar.

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Then the 2Key report should appear in the Data received box below.

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You can export the 2Key report  by  clicking "File" and "Export Received Data".


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Helpful Information 

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