Line Mode Default Left Margin for Zebra 2 inch printers

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Line Mode Left Margin Details

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For Line Mode the default Left Margin is 3 mm. It can be set to any value from 00 to 99 mm. Like almost all of the Line Mode commands it is not saved permanently. This is a carryover from the original Line Mode printers that could not save any parameters.

When entering Line Mode the margin is set to 3 mm. With the default left margin the first printed dot should be 3 mm from the left edge of the label. This assumes 2.25 inch (448 dot / 56 mm) wide labels. Since there is no Line Mode command for setting the label width narrower labels need to be compensated for by using the  Left Margin command - M.  Line Mode always assumes a 448 dot print width. Many of the values on the config label reflect the EPL2 values (q, R, Z, etc.) and are not used in Line Mode.

The Line Mode Programmers Manual  lists the default values on page 1-8. Read More>>

For labels narrower than 2.25 inches (56 mm) the margin adjustment is:
    (56 mm – label width in mm) / 2

So to print 1 mm from the edge of a 1.5 inch label the margin would have to be set to 9 mm:   (56 – 38) / 2 = 9 mm 

The Left Margin Command in EPL - LIne Mode is M.  In the about example to set the Left Margin send: <esc> M9


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  • LP 2824
  • LP 2824 Plus Desktop Printer