Test card shows higher count then number printed with a Zebra Card Printer.

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The test card shows a card count much higher than the number of cards that have been printed with this printer. 

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All Zebra Card Printers


Explanation of the print counter printed on the self test card.

  • Color card printers can use single panel ribbons (K-resin monochrome) and multi-panel ribbons (YMCKO, YMCKOK,etc...). Because of the variance in passes required for each ribbon, the test cards display the number of print passes made by the print head. Where a monochrome ribbon uses one print head pass to complete a card, a YMCKO ribbon requires 5 printer passes to complete a card.

  • To determine the number of actual cards printed on your machine, you will need to take the total number of "passes" and divide by the number of panels in your ribbon. Example: If the image count on the self-test card is 500, then for a monochrome ribbon, 500 cards have been printed. For a YMCKO ribbon, the number of printed cards would be 100.

  • Number on counter /divided by number of panels used per card = equals number of cards printed with printer.

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