Enable Logging in the Wavelink TE Client

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How do I Enable Logging on a Mobile Device Running Wavelink Emulation Software? How to configure logging in the Wavelink TE client?


Logging captures information directed to and sent from that device only.
  • To enable logging.  Modify the Emulation Parameters/Logging/Network Traffic Log File from the PC (Wavelink Product Configuration Utility) and set up a path and file name.  This information is then sent to the device through the Config Only or Application & Config tabs.  By inserting a path and filename, the Logging is automatically Enabled.
  • To Disable Logging.  Go back in to the Emulation Parameters/Logging/Network Traffic Log File and remove the path and filename.  Save the changes and send the update down to the device.
Wavelink logging has two parameters that can be changed.

The first parameter is “Network Traffic Log File”.
This parameter needs to have a path and file name for logging to be Enabled.
  • It is suggested to always use the \Application as the path to save the log file
  • If there is a current issue being working on with the Motorola Solutions Support Center then you should use the open Case number when naming the file
    • The text box should have the following entered: "\Application\Case######.log"  (without quotes)
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The second parameter is “Network Traffic Log File Maximum Size”.
  • This parameter can be left at its default value which is 1024K.
  • The user can change this value so that the log file does not go above a specific size.
    • The user can also change this to a value of 0.
      • The value of 0 will allow the log file to grow until it runs out of disk space.
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The emulation session will have to be disconnected and re-started to either Enable or Disable logging after sending down the update from the PC.

To pull the log file off the device, you must disconnect your logging session and exit the Wavelink emulation software. If this is not done, you will get a sharing violation when you try to pull the log file from the device.

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