Enabling and Disabling DTR on Mobile Printers

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The following procedures allows for enabling or disabling DTR on Zebra Mobile Printers

Applies To

Zebra Mobile Printers Except ZQ110, EM Series Printers


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This command refers to the remote printer power control, and is used for power management. When Data Terminal Ready (DTR) is enabled the printer can be powered on and off via the Data Set Ready (DSR) signal. When DTR power off is enabled, a low to high transition will cause the printer to turn ON and a high to low transition will cause the printer to turn OFF.


Use the setvar command to modify the DTR settings:

setvar "power.dtr_power_off" ("on" or "off") Default is "on"


! U1 setvar "power.dtr_power_off" "on" <CR>

Use the getvar command to observe the present setting


! U1 getvar "power.dtr_power_off" 

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