Enabling Logging on a Link OS Weblink compatible printer

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Logging can be enabled on the printer to help in troubleshooting Weblink connectivity issues. 

Applies to

Weblink compatible printers
Note: The Weblink logging is for management apps such as Airwatch, SOTI and Profile Manager


Link OS Compatible Printer

Connectivity with ability to view log response


1. Logging is enabled with the weblink.logging.max_entries SGD command.  An example of logging entries is:

Example: ! U1 setvar "weblink.logging.max_entries" "50"

2. Logging is disabled by setting the weblink.logging.max_entries to a value of 0.

Example:  ! U1 setvar "weblink.logging.max_entries" "0"

3. The log can now be reviewed by recalling the data using the following getvar command. 

Example: ! U1 getvar "weblink.logging.entries"


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