Enabling Logging on a Link OS Weblink compatible printer

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Weblink logging can be used to identify connectivity issues when using the weblink feature on a Link-OS compatible printer.

This includes connecting to Zebra’s AirWatch Connector, SotiMobicontrol Connector and Profile Manager applications.

Applies to

Weblink compatible printers

Note: The Weblink logging is for management apps such as Airwatch, SOTI and Profile Manager


A Link-OS compatible printer.

An application supporting bi-directional communications, such as Zebra Setup Utilities, to configure logging and receive the weblink log from the printer. Read More>>


To enable logging:

Logging is enabled using the weblink.logging.max_entries SGD command and restarting the printer.

Example commands to enabling logging are:

! U1 setvar "weblink.logging.max_entries" "600"

! U1 setvar "device.reset" ""


To view the log:

The log can be viewed using the weblink.logging.entries SGD command.

Example command to view the log is: 

! U1 getvar "weblink.logging.entries" 


To disable logging:

Logging is disabled by setting the weblink.logging.max_entries to a value of 0 and restarting the printer.

Example commands to disable logging are:

! U1 setvar "weblink.logging.max_entries" "0"

! U1 setvar "device.reset" ""


Helpful Links

ZPL Programming Manual Read More>>


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