EPL1 line mode printing

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Important: If you are using an LP2844 printer that is used for or supplied by a shipping vendor (i.e. UPS or FedEx for example) DO NOT try to load standard firmware or drivers from the Zebra Website. These printers are used exclusively with the shipping vendor's driver and label application. Read More>>


Topic or Information

Understanding EPL1 Line Print Mode

Setting a printer to print using EPL1 Line Print Mode

Switching between Line Mode and Page Mode

Applies To

LP2844, LP2824. LP2824Plus, GC420D, GK420D, GX420D


Line Mode Function and Details

  • A configuration label can be used to determine if the printer is in Line or Page Mode. Read More>> 
  • An EPL command can be sent to the printer to switch modes.Read More>>
  • A Zebra application GUI can be downloaded to help toggle between Line Mode and Page Mode Read More>>
  • An example EPL1 program that can be used to test print. Read More>>
  • EPL1 setup commands. You must enter set up commands before entering any label formatting commands. The printer retains the set up commands in its memory until the power is turned off. Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • GC420d Desktop Printer
  • GK420d Desktop Printer
  • LP 2824
  • LP 2824 Plus Desktop Printer