Erasing the Private Information printed on a ZXP9 K Panel

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Can I erase sensitive information on a ZXP 9 K Panel?

How do I keep the negative image on a K Panel from being read after printing?

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ZXP 9 Card Printer


A user may not want to have readable information on the K-Panel ribbon after printing to avoid security issues. There is a driver setting that allows the used ribbon K-Panel to be distorted and thus become unreadable. 

Normally we can read printed information of card from the used ribbon.

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The ribbon shows all printed information

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Using the K Panel Destruction feature allows a user to corrupt the used ribbon panel to become unreadable.


Enabling K panel destruction (ZXP Series 9)

1. From “Printer Preferences” select the “Black Panel (K) Optimization” tab.

2. Click the “Advanced” button under the side for which you want to enable the K panel destruction.

3. Check the “Enable K panel destruction” box.

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Here is the result 

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  • ZXP Series 9 Card Printer