Erasing the Private Information printed on a ZXP9 K Panel

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Issue / Question

Can I erase sensitive information on a ZXP 9 K Panel?

How do I keep the negative image on a K Panel from being read after printing?

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ZXP 9 Card Printer

Resolution / Answer

A user may not want to have readable information on the K-Panel ribbon after printing to avoid security issues. There is a driver setting that allows the used ribbon K-Panel to be distorted and thus become unreadable. 

Normally, we can read the printed information of a card from the used ribbon.

The ribbon shows all printed information.

By using the K Panel Destruction feature, it allows a user to corrupt the used ribbon panel to become unreadable.


To enable K panel destruction (ZXP Series 9):

  1. From Printer Preferences, select the Black Panel (K) Optimization tab.
  2. Click the Advanced button for the Front or Back or both panels.
  3. Check the Enable K panel destruction box.

Here is the result. Now, the sensitive information is unreadable or erased.

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  • ZXP Series 9 Card Printer