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123RFID Desktop

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Issue / Question

What is 123RFID?

Where do i find 123RFID Desktop (123RFID Utility)?

What devices does 123RFID Support?

Applicable To

123RFID, FX7500, FX9500 and FX9600

Resolution / Answer

What is 123RFID Desktop?

123RFID Desktop is a unique no-cost windows utility that makes deploying a Zebra fixed reader as simple as 1,2,3.
Now, you no longer need to be an expert to deploy RFID – setup and optimization of RFID readers is unbelievably simple.
The intuitive wizard presents easy to understand options in drop-down menus, radio buttons and sliders.
If you have questions, you can find the answers, right inside the tool with built-in help and how-to-videos.

The main 123RFID page can be found on the page link here>>

The 123RFID Fact Sheet can be found at here>>

For How-To Videos on 123RFID, click here>>

The 123RFID Desktop utility can be downloaded here Download>> 

Our 123RFID Desktop Download and Support page contains the below items:-

  • How to Videos
  • 123RFID Desktop Utility for Windows Download
  • Installation Requirements
  • Manuals
  • Device Compatibility

The 123RFID Desktop Download and Support page can be accessed here>>

+ Applicable Products

  • 123RFID
  • FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader
  • FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader
  • FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader