Scanner expansion back (zback): add a ENTER key after scanning a barcode

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Issue / Question

How to add an ENTER key after scanning a barcode on ET50 or ET55 Windows OS tablet installed with scanner expansion back?

Applicable To

ET50 and ET55 running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 installed with scanner expansion back SE4710 or SE4750

Resolution / Answer

Parameter Barcode Scanning

You can modify the attributes by scanning parameter barcodes.

Prefix and Suffix
It is possible to append a prefix and/or one or two suffixes in scanned code.
This requires scanning of the data transmission format.
The prefix or suffix values which is a four-digit number represent the wanted prefix or suffix from Character sets.

Data Formatting only works while the scanner is in HID keyboard mode.
You can stop the operation by scanning the Cancel barcode

To add an ENTER key, scan the following parameter barcodes accordingly:


  1. Scan the <DATA><SUFFIX 1> barcode. 

  2. Scan the SCAN SUFFIX 1 barcode. The default value is ENTER (7013). 

NOTE At this point, auto ENTER is enabled.


Cancel selection barcode:



+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET50 ET55
  • ET55