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BIOS Settings in .xml File for L10 tablets

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Software to pre-configure BIOS while installing system image

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iX101L2_A02.exe -DEFAULT –EXPORT

This produces two .xml files “default_timestamp.xml” and “current_timestamp.xml”. The default_timestamp.xml is the current default setting on that system. The current_timestamp.xml is the current active BIOS setting on that system. For example: user might have changed the “network boot” from the default disabled to enabled and current_timestamp.xml would reflect that.

iX101L2_A02.exe -DEFAULT –APPLY New_Default_Setting.xml

Use this command to set the new BIOS defaults. You can use the exported .xml as samples to start your editing. This command programs the new default settings and then activates it in one step.

User must be already on A02 or newer (iX101L2 KBL) BIOS to make this work. A01 does not support this.

+ Applicable Products

  • XPad L10
  • XSlate L10