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Backup and Restore Tekterm Client Configuration

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Issue / Question

How to backup and restore Tekterm Client Configuration?

Applicable To

Workabout Pro 4, Workabout Pro 3, 8530, Omnii XT15, 8525, EP10, 7530 G2, 8515, VH10

Resolution / Answer


Starting Tekterm client version 8.0, the configuration is now stored in a TTX file which is XML-based.
Per v8.0 release notes, new features include:

  • Changed the parameter storage from registry to file based
  • Add configuration import/export feature to TekTerm



A. Manual Process (not using an MDM)

1. Open Tekterm client

2. Open the Launch Menu by doing one of the following:

  • Click the Home icon, or
  • Enter Ctrl, Up Arrow, or
  • Enter Ctrl, Alt, 0

3. Click the Gear icon to open Global settings

4. Click on [Manage...]then [Export...]


6. By default, it will save the Tekterm client settings file (yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss.TTX) in \My Documents\ Tekterm folder. Hit [OK] to save.


7. To restore, simply save a copy of this backup file -- yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss.ttx -- unto the target device.
8. Open Tekterm client and navigate to Manage Settings. Click on [Import...] then browse for the Tekterm client settings file (.
TTX) to import.


9. Click on [OK] then [Yes] to import and save settings from this XML-based file. Tekterm client will restart after saving.


B. Mass Deployment (using MDM)

The resulting TekTerm client configuration will be identical on all of your devices.
This should not be used with TekTerm configurations employing a TerkTerm Server, as the TekTerm client session numbers will all be identical.

1. Rename the Tekterm client settings (.TTX) file to TekTermSettings.ttx
2. Deploy the .TTX file with a target path of \Flash Disk\ Tekterm folder

3. Restart Tekterm client

+ Applicable Products

  • 7530 G2 Mobile Computer
  • 8515 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8525 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8530 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • EP10 Mobile Computer
  • Omnii XT10
  • Omnii XT15
  • TekTerm Server
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • Workabout Pro 3
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer