CS4070 - Configuring a virtual comport with USB Bluetooth Dongle BT-CS1-0BR and the Zebra USB CDC Driver for Windows

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Issue / Question

How can I configure a CS4070 to emulate a virtual comport on my Windows computer?

Applicable To

CS4070, BT-CS1-0BR ( USB Bluetooth Dongle)

Resolution / Answer

1. Download and Install the appropriate Zebra USB CDC driver is installed on your Windows computer.
Zebra USB CDC Driver 32 and 64 bit

2. Connect the dongle BT-CS1-0BR to a USB port  and confirm that the dongle receives power ( blue LED). 

3.  Scan " Reset To Factory Defaults".

4. Scan the pairing barcode located on the USB Bluetooth Dongle. You should hear a " warble tone" and then a " chirp" indicating successful pairing.

5. Scan Bluetooth SPP ( Serial Port Profile).

6.  Scan Pairing code on the USB Bluetooth dongle  a second time and listen again for Warble tone and Chirp pairing tone confirmation.

7.  Go into Windows Device Manager> Ports ( Com & LPT)> Zebra CDC Scanner to view the virtual comport assignment. The screen shot shows an example of Comport 9 being assigned.

8. Test scan in an application/utility that can accept data via a com port e.g. HyperTerminal or puTTY

The example screen shot below shows a HyperTerminal session selecting the assigned Comport 9


+ Applicable Products

  • Bluetooth Dongle for Bluetooth Class 1 Version 2.0 (BT-CS1-0BR)
  • Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner
  • Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Scanner