Can I migrate Enterprise Browser 1.8 to new licensing portal

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Issue / Question

Is it possible to move Enterprise Browser 1.x licenses to the new ZSL portal -

Applicable To

Enterprise Browser 1.x (1.8 and older) licenses, and new licensing portal

Resolution / Answer

there is no possibility to migrate the licenses between portal

- the new portal is for the EB v 2.0 and later; if the purchased licence stipulates as the dedicated portal, then the SKU for EB 1.x was bought and the order would need to be amended with the sales channel (partner/distributor) for EB 2.0   
---> the new portal is dedicated for EB 2.0 and above;; the older portal is for EB 1.x (1.8 and below),

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  • Enterprise Browser
  • Enterprise Browser
  • Zebra Software Licensing