Can the MC32 be converted from Win CE 7.0 to Android

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Issue / Question

How to upgrade a device from Win CE 7.0 to Android?

Can the MC32 with CE7.0 be converted to Android or can the MC32 with Android be converted to CE7.0?

Issue Details

Note: Android is only available on premium configurations

Applicable To

MC3200 MC32N0

Resolution / Answer

Premium versions of the MC32N0 (1GHz OMAP4 Processor with 1GB RAM/4 GB Flash) can be converted from CE 7.0 to Android or from Android to CE 7.0

The MC32 must be shipped to a service depot to perform the OS swap. There will be a charge to convert the operating system with pricing provided at the time of request.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3200 Mobile Computer