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Change Phone Send End Buttons to F3 F4

Article ID: 05581279

Issue / Question

F3 and F4 keys are acting as Phone dialer Send and End keys when F3 and F4 are pressed

Applicable To

WorkAbout Pro 3; WAP3

Resolution / Answer

How to change Phone Send End Button to work as F3 F4 on the Workabout Pro 3 Windows CE5.0

  • Tap  Start  > Settings > Control Panel

  • Open - TweakIT

  • Select the "Registry Editor" Tab

  • Expand
  •    +SOFTWARE
  •      + Teklogix
  •        + WWAN


  • Select "EndVirtualHotKey" Tap Edit
  • Change Data 0 Tap OK
  • Select "SendVirtualHotKey" Tap - Edit 
  • Change dword:00000000  Tap OK
  • Tap OK to close TweakIT

Perform a warm reset (hold FN\Blue + Power for 6 seconds)

Note if Total Recall Auto Restore Profile is used a new Profile will need to be created  

+ Applicable Products

  • Workabout Pro 3