Changing the RFD8500 Trigger mode

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How to change RFD8500 Trigger mode?

How to change RFD8500 mode from barcode scanner to RFID via API?

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RFID Reader/ Bar Code Scanner Toggle

 To toggle scan trigger control between RFID tag reading and barcode scanning on the fly press the Mode button.

 Note: This function is only available on readers with an imager.

Trigger mode source code sample

 It is important to understand that RFID SDK is used to access and utilize only the RFID reader functionality.
 The barcode scanner of the RFD8500 can be configured by the Scanner SDK.

 To toggle scan trigger control between RFID tag reading and bar code scanner please use the code samples below.
 The same code to switch between modes is used in our Scan Scan Write Application. APK file and source code available on the RFD8500 support pages.


SetAttribute attributeInfo = new SetAttribute();
attributeInfo.setAttvalue(0); //turn off, RFID Trigger
//ttributeInfo.setAttvalue(1); //turn on, Barcode Trigger
try {


} catch (InvalidUsageException e) {
} catch (OperationFailureException e) {

 From ZETI (Zebra Easy-Text Interface)*

Command_SetAttr attr = new Command_SetAttr();
textViewStatus.setText("Scanner Trigger Mode");

From RFID API for iOS
Code is available as part of Scan Scan Write demo application for iOS.

// Set Scanner mode
        NSString *statusMessage;
        SRFID_RESULT result;
        result =[m_RfidSdkApi srfidSetAttribute:m_ActiveReader.getReaderID attributeNumber:1664 attributeValue:1 attributeType:@"B" aStatusMessage:&statusMessage];
        if (SRFID_RESULT_SUCCESS == result )
            NSLog(@"Scanner mode set successfully");

* Our powerful Zebra Easy Text Interface (ZETI) can be used across many OS platforms, reducing the need to utilize a Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate RFD8500 features into your application. This human readable ASCII protocol makes it fast and easy for the host to communicate with RFD8500 without the need to create an actual application, reducing application development time and cost. Please refer to the RFD8500 Developers Guide for more information.

+ Applicable Products

  • RFD8500 RFID Reader
  • RFD8500i UHF RFID Sled