Configure Bluetooth Scanner Connection Idle Timeout

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How to modify Bluetooth scanner connection idle timeout using DataWedge?

How to modify Bluetooth scanner connection idle timeout using CtlPanel?

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By default after 10 minutes of being idle (i.e., no scanning), the RS507 will go into standby mode to conserve battery power. It will not work (thus acting as if it is not paired) until the restore key is pressed.

Imager Standby Mode
To save battery power, the Imager goes into Standby when not active. The Imager resumes functionality when:
•    Bluetooth data is received from the mobile computer (in cordless configuration)
•    Scan trigger is pressed
•    Restore key is pressed
•    Motion is detected (in cordless configuration)
•    Incoming data from mobile computer is sensed (in corded configuration).

Using DataWedge

From DataWedge settings> Advanced configuration> Profiles> Profile0> Input> Scanner> Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver> Interface Params> Connection idle time

  • Default = 600 (in seconds)
  • Maximum = 1800
  • Disable = 0


Using CtlPanel

Launch CtlPanel> Scanner Settings...> Change Selected Scanner to SCN2> Open Interface Params...> Default Connection Idle Timeout = 600 seconds (10 minutes)


+ Applicable Products

  • RS507 Cordless Ring Scanner
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series