Configure DataWedge for SPP mode which can persist cold boot

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Issue / Question

How to configure DataWedge for cold boot persistence?

After a cold boot, DataWedge status is idle and RS507 connection is lost

Applicable To

MC32N0 CE7.0

MC92N0 CE7.0


Resolution / Answer

A. Configure RS507

1. Scan SPP barcode below or from the RS507 Product Reference Guide section 7-18 (e-page 193). Read More>>

2. Cold boot (remove and re-insert battery)
3. Pair and connect the RS507 to the MC32/ MC92 device.

B. Configure DataWedge

1. Launch DataWedge from its shortcut from Desktop
2. Tap on Running to toggle it to Yes
3. Tap on Advanced Configuration> Profiles> Profile0> Input> Serial> COM9: BT Serial> Enabled
* at this point, Enabled should have a check mark just before the number 1

4. Tap Back 3x to save changes
5. Tap Routes> Routes0> Input> Plugin Scanner> Serial
* at this point, Serial should have a check mark just before the number 1

6. Tap Back 3x to save changes
7. Tap Home then Exit
8. When prompted, 'Are you sure you want to exit'> Hit OK
9. DataWedge Status = Ready
* at this point the DW status icon shows up with a green check mark.

C. Export DataWedge settings

1. From the DataWedge main screen, tap Advanced configuration
2. Tap Settings> Export>
3. Tap OK on the pop-up message: You are about to export the current configuration to the \Application\DataWedgeStoredConfig folder overwriting anything already there.

D. Testing

1. Cold boot the MC32/ MC92
2. To reconnect the RS507 simply press the restore key (gray side button)

3. On the MC32/ MC92, tap Yes to accept the authentication request and allow re-pairing.

+ Applicable Products

  • DataWedge
  • MC3100 Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer