Configure IE Start page with registry

Article ID: 49133422

Issue / Question

Configure IE Start page with registry

Applicable To

MC31-CE6, MC91-CE6, MC32-CE7 and MC92-CE7

Resolution / Answer


  1. Create a startpage.reg file with the content as below
    • :[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]  "Start Page" = ""
  2. Change the URL(highlighted in red) to your desire URL.
  3. Copy the  startpage.reg file to device's application folder.
  4. From device screen, click and run the startpage.reg. Select Yes if there is any prompted notification message.
  5. Warm boot the device by long press of power button until device rebooted.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer