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Configure IP Output for Android to send captured data to a remote Windows PC running IPWedge

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Issue / Question

How to setup an Android device using DataWedge to act as a cordless scanner connected to a Windows PC using IP network?

Applicable To

Zebra Android devices (MC32N0, MC40, MC92N0, TC20, TC25, TC51, TC55, TC56, TC70, TC75, TC70x TC75x, TC8000, VC80x, WT6000, ET50, ET55)

Resolution / Answer


IP Output allows captured data to be sent to a specified IP address and port using either TCP or UDP transport protocols. Zebra recommends that the receiving machine be running Windows and the Zebra IPWedge software, but it's not required. Read More>> ​

IPWedge is a small Windows app that monitors a network port and receives scanned data sent by devices using the DataWedge IP Output Plug-in. The receiving PC inserts the data as keystrokes into the foreground application or the Windows Clipboard, essentially using the device as a wireless scanner. Read More>>


1. Download IPWedge. Download File>>
2. Install and run the IPWedge app.  A screen appears similar to the image below. Make a note of the IP address and port number (in the red box). Example IP address and port number 58627. Read More>>

3. From the Zebra Android device, open DataWedge settings
4. Locate the IP output section of the target Profile. Example Profile0
5. Check 'Enabled' and 'Remote Wedge' boxes to enable IP Output and communication with the IPWedge Windows app.

6. Select the desired Protocol (TCP or UDP) for data transport (default is TCP).
7. Enter the IP address of the Windows PC that is running IPWedge. Example
8. Enter the Port number if other than the default of 58627.

9. Close DataWedge settings
10. Launch an app that works with Profile0 (example browser).
11. When you scan a barcode, the captured data will be sent to the Windows PC running IPWedge.

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55
  • MC3300
  • MC67 NA Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC56
  • TC70
  • TC70x
  • TC75
  • TC75x
  • TC8000
  • VC80X
  • WT6000 Wearable Terminal