Configure PTT Express Setting

Article ID: 42359813

Issue / Question

Configure PTT Express setting via XML file

Applicable To

TC5x and TC2X

Resolution / Answer


  1. Export the ptt_settings.xml from device via ADB command as below:
adb pull /enterprise/device/settings/ptt/ptt_settings.xml
  1. Modify the ptt_settings.xml file accordingly by using notepad.
  2. Deploy the ptt_settings.xml file to device via ADB command as below:
adb push ptt_settings.xml /enterprise/device/settings/ptt/ptt_settings.xml

For further details on PTT express setting, kindly refer to Manual > PTT Express User guide > Client Configuration Section Link>>

+ Applicable Products

  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC56