Configuring DataWedge RFID Input Plug-in on RFD5500

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Issue / Question

How to set the RFD5500 to get RFID data in DataWedge application?

How to enable DataWedge RFID Input plug-in?

Applicable To


MC55 / MC65 / MC67

Resolution / Answer

Installing the plugin

1. Download the RFID plugin for DataWedge from Zebra Support Portal
2. Install the .MSI file to your host PC
3. Establish an ActiveSync/WMDC connection with your device
4. Go to Start > All Programs > Motorola RFID Input Plug-in > Install RFID Input Plug-in
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5. The installer will launch on the host PC and will ask to confirm if the plugin can be installed in the default folder (Application folder). Tap yes or no to continue.
6. The plugin will be installed over ActiveSync. When complete, the following window will appear on your PC

On the mobile device


Steps to enable the plugin on DataWedge

1. Once done, on desktop of your device, highlight Datawedge item and click Settings button in bottom taskbar
2. Where it says Running, toggle this option to ensure Datawedge turns off and then on; initially, this is essential in order to recognize the RFID plugin.
3. Click the following menu options in order:
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Profiles
  • Profile0
  • Input
  • RFID
  • Mobile RFID
  • Enabled (make sure there is a checkmark next to this)
  • For all other Inputs (such as Barcode/Imager, MSR), make sure these are disabled to get only RFID reads.
4. Go back to Advanced Configuration:
  • Profiles
  • Profile0
  • Routes
  • Route0
  • Input
  • RFID (make sure there is a checkmark next to this)
  • Click Home (near top right corner) to get back to top of menu and save changes.
5. Configuration should be complete; open an app, hold the trigger, and your device should attempt to read tags, and if RFID tags are within reading distance, will stream them in as keyboard input into the spreadsheet.

+ Applicable Products

  • RFD5500 RFID Reader