Configuring RFD8500 to Transmit RFID Tag Data in HID Mode

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Issue / Question

How to configure RFD8500 to transmit RFID tag data in HID mode?

How to set the RFD8500 as Human Interface Device?

Applicable To

RFD8500, RFD8500i

Resolution / Answer

There are two main modes of operation over Bluetooth on RFD8500

  • Default: SPP (Serial Port Profile) and Apple iAP2/MFi
  • Keyboard Human Interface Device (HID) mode (a configuration change is needed to activate HID mode)

HID keyboard profile features

  • ADF rules can be applied to barcode and RFID data in HID mode
  • RFID data is supported over HID with Gen2 session 2 only
  • Only way to start a read in HID mode is to pull the trigger
  • Barcode and RFID cannot be used at the same time
  • You can only read basic RFID barcode data, will not be able to write to RFID tags or perform additional configuration
  • It is not possible to read TID/USER/RESERVED banks in HID mode

Steps to set the RFD8500 to HID mode

1. Connect USB cable from RFD8500 to PC

2. On PC, open 123Scan Utility for Windows 

3. Click “Create new configuration file” > “My scanner is connected via USB cable”
 a) If the device doesn't get recognized by 123Scan please try Resetting it to factory defaults

4. Click the blue button within the “RFD8500-COMMON MODELS” box area

5. On the left side menu, click “General”

6. Under the “Bluetooth” section, change the “Bluetooth Profile Mode” to “HID Keyboard Emulation Profile”

NOTE: If setting up for the first time, make sure to click on the preceding “RFID” section, scroll down to “Regulatory Configuration” section and set the “Country of Operation” to your respective country you will use the device in.

7. Click “Done” button, then “Load to Scanner” (in top bar of app)

8. In the “compatible scanners” table, click the button that represents your RFD8500 device (typically denoted by serial #)

9. Exit out of 123Scan2 app and disconnect USB cable from RFD8500

10. Turn off the RFD8500
 a) To reboot, press and hold the power button on right side for 5+ seconds.
 b) You should hear a quick beep, follow by descending beeps about 2 seconds after that. The power LED will also turn off.

To connect to a mobile device or PC in HID mode (Windows 7 PC example)

1. On mobile device or PC that you are connecting to, start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices

2. Turn the RFD8500 back on
 a) Press and hold the power button on right side for 5+ seconds
 b) You should hear 3 ascending beeps indicating success. The power button LED should also be solid green.
NOTE: The RFD8500 will automatically be in Bluetooth discoverable mode for 40 seconds after it is turned on. You will want to quickly pair the device during this time frame. You can tell the device is in BT discoverable mode if the Bluetooth button (left side near bottom) is blinking blue. If the LED on the BT button is off, press and hold it for 2 seconds to put it back into BT discoverable mode.

3. On your mobile device or PC that you are connecting to, select “RFD8500xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” from the list of BT devices in the area.
 a) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the serial # of the respective RFD8500 device

4. Once you try to pair from the mobile device/PC side, you will need to press the hardware trigger on the RFD8500 to complete the Bluetooth pairing. You may have to click it more than once. You should hear a beep sound of some sort indicating it is pair. You should also see successful pairing on the PC/mobile device side.

5. At this point, you should be able to press and hold the hardware trigger on RFD8500 to begin reading RFID tags into whatever area has focus on your mobile device/PC.
 a) Additionally, you can switch between RFID reading and barcode (laser) reading by pressing and holding the “mode” button for 2 seconds.
 b) If mode button has a solid green LED, it is in barcode scanning mode.
 c) If mode button has no LED, it is in RFID reading mode.

+ Applicable Products

  • RFD8500 RFID Reader
  • RFD8500i UHF RFID Sled