Configuring StageNow to launch Wavelink Velocity

Article ID: 72993353

Issue / Question

Configuration steps to launch Wavelink Velocity using StageNow.

Issue Details

StageNow only for Android Devices.

Applicable To

All Android devices (MC32N0  Android, MC40, MC92N0 Android, TC51, TC55, TC56, TC70,TC75,TC75x, TC80, WT6000)

Resolution / Answer

  1. Start StageNow , select the proper MX version ( 1 ) and then click “Xpert Mode” (2) , then click to continue.
  2. Click SETTINGS (1) , then click CONFIG (2) .  Click the INTENT (3) module and add it (4 & 5 ). 
  3. In the Setting screen enter the ANDROID ACTION NAME , PACKAGE NAME & CLASS NAME as shown below. 
  4. Generate the barcode and scan using the StageNow client on your device.