Connecting Serial Scanner to VC80 Windows OS

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Issue / Question

How to connect a Serial (RS232) wired scanner to a VC80 Windows 7 or 10?

Applicable To

VC80 Windows Embedded Standard 7

VC80 Windows 7 Professional 

VC80 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Resolution / Answer


The VC80 supports the following types of barcode scanners:
• Tethered scanner connected to COM1 or COM2
• Tethered scanner connected to a USB host port
• Wireless scanner connected via Bluetooth

For this article, will focus on the RS232 serial scanner connected to COM1 or COM2.

Serial Scanners for VC80 Windows

To configure serial scanners:
1. Open the VC Control Panel  and select Power.

2. Enable the power to the port. (Example for COM1, Enable +5V (1A) output for external RS232 Port 1)

3. Select TekWedge and select Enable TekWedge to support serial scanners.

4. Select [Config Ports].
5. Select the new COM port (example COM1) and select Enable Port.

6. Select OK.
7. Close VC Control Panel.
8. For scan test, you can use Notepad


+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer