Connecting a VH10 via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center

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How to connect VH10 via USB and Microsoft ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center to a PC?

How to ActiveSync to a VH10?

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Where is the USB client port on the VH10? 

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The USB  ports on the VH10 at the front are USB host, see below: 

 A  USB client port is needed to connect to your PC. This is accessed by removing the top plate., see below

Remove this plate to expose the USB client port, circled in red below

The cable required is a standard USB A to Micro B cable. 

ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center must be installed on the PC. 

Open up the VH10 'PC Connection' control panel applet.

  • Ensure the 'Enable direct connection to the desktop computer' checkbox is checked. 
  • Ensure that 'USB' set as the current connection to connect to the desktop. 

+ Applicable Products

  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer