Connecting to WiFi on CE or WM devices with Fusion

Article ID: 96613720

Issue / Question

General MC9190 WiFi connection - needs to add a Pre-Shared Key to connect to WPA2 AES network

Applicable To

MC9090, MC9190, MC92N0, MC3090, MC3190, MC32N0, MC45, MC55, MC65, MC67, VC5090, VC70

Resolution / Answer

1. Started Fusion, Find WLANs, and found the SSID of the network to connect to.

2. Long press on the name to get the option to create profile, then click that option to start.

3. In profile edit wizard, apply security info like Passphrase or other details. It's common that IPv4 will be assigned automatically using DHCP, otherwise you will need to apply the iP information provided by your network IT.

4. complete profile and validate connection with Fusion menu > Wireless Status >  Signal Strength, IPv4 Status, or Current Profile.

After saving the profile from the Profile creation Wizard, you can then connect to from the Manage Profiles screen.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC45 Mobile Computer
  • MC65 Mobile Computer
  • MC67NA Base Model Mobile Computer
  • MC9090 CE Mobile Computer
  • MC9090 WM Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • VC70N0