Create Bluetooth Pairing Barcode using 123Scan Utility

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How to create a Bluetooth pairing barcode using 123Scan utility?

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Applicable to most if not all Zebra Windows and Android devices

VC80X and VC80

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NOTE Zebra Support Community Site has been updated to replace obsolete industry terms with modern terminology. This article uses the term Central instead of Master, and Peripheral instead of Slave


This article provides a way to generate a Bluetooth pairing barcode in case the customer needs it other than what is available from the BTUI (Windows), Bluetooth Pairing Utility (Android) or from the vehicle mounted computers like the VC80/ VC80x housing.

  1. To create a pairing barcode, first we determine the device Bluetooth radio MAC address. The steps below are an example for the VC80 Bluetooth radio MAC address:
    1. Click the Bluetooth status icon in the system tray and select Open Settings.
    2. Click on Hardware tab.
    3. Select Bluetooth Radio in the Devices list then click Properties button.
    4. Click on Advanced tab.
    5. The Bluetooth MAC Address is displayed in the Address line. Example: c4:8e:8f:fe:31:06
  2. Then we create a pairing barcode using 123Scan. Before proceeding with the steps below, download the latest version of the 123Scan Utility.
    1. Launch 123Scan.
    2. Click on the Barcodes drop-down button located on the upper right corner.
    3. Select Bluetooth bar codes then select Serial port profile (masterpairing bar code.
    4. At the top, in the Pairing value field, enter the VC80 Bluetooth radio MAC address from Step 5 of Part A (in upper case and without the semicolons). Example: C48E8FFE3106
    5. Click on the generate bar code button to create the pairing barcode. Example screen shot:

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VC80X