DS22x8 Not able Continuous read the same barcode

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Issue / Question

Customer follow below steps to program DS2208 to continuous read the same barcode but it is not working.

The steps are:
1. Restore factory default.
2. Scan “Enable Continuous Bar Code Read” setting barcode;
3. Scan “Disable Continuous Bar Code Read Uniqueness” setting barcode;
4. Scan “Enabled Always” for Picklist mode;
5. Set “Timeout Between Decodes, Same Symbol” for 0.1s;
6. Press and hold the scanner trigger and continuously scan the same barcode.

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Resolution / Answer

Update to latest firmware version(DS2208: CAADES00-002-R01), (DS2278: CAADFS00-002-R05) and the issue resolved.

+ Applicable Products

  • DS2208-HC
  • DS2208-SR
  • DS2278-HC
  • DS2278-SR