DS9908R is not decoding barcodes after setting trigger options A and B for RFID Reading

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I set my DS9908R trigger options A and B for RFID Reading and I can no longer decode barcodes.

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Resolution / Answer

If the DS9908R trigger options A and B are set for RFID Reading the device can be reset utilizing the Zebra 123scan Utility.

The default trigger A option is " Imager Decoding"

1. Download and install the Zebra 123scan Utility for Windows (32 or 64 bit) - 123scan Utility

2. Connect the DS9908R via USB and launch the Zebra 123scan Utility 

3. Select " Create New Configuration File"

4. Select " My scanner is connected via USB cable"

5. Select the Blue Release Bar

6.  Select " Load to Scanner" and then " Load To All Scanners "

7. The default DS9908R configuration file will be loaded. This will reset Trigger A to Imager Decoding

8. To Enable DS9908R RFID Reading Functionality,please see knowledge article 16915 " DS9980-R Set country of operation to enable RFID Functionality"

+ Applicable Products

  • DS9908R-SR