Datawedge for CE or WM - Prevent Caps lock disabling after scanning

Article ID: 68032545

Issue / Question

When Caps lock is enabled after decoding a barcode caps lock is disabled

Applicable To

Workabout Pro 4, MC3200, MC9200, MC9190-G

Resolution / Answer

When using Datawedge to decode barcodes one method to prevent disabling the Caps lock state is to Disable the "Send as Events" feature

Launch Datawedge                                                               
Select " Basic Configuration "

 2. " Keystroke Output " 

 1. " Send as Events "  tap to Un-Check

Tap Home                                                                               

Select Exit and OK to close DataWedge Configuration

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer