Determine Barcode Symbology by using Symbol or AIM Code Identifiers

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Issue / Question

How to identify a barcode type using DataWedge for Windows CE / WM?

How to determine the barcode type using DataWedge for Android?

Applicable To

All Zebra mobile computers with scanner using DataWedge for scanning and processing. Example TC8000 Android or MC92N0 WEH6.5.

Resolution / Answer


This article provides a way to identify the barcode symbology. Certain use case will require only scanning certain barcode(s) so knowing its type we can then enable / disable this barcode symbology in Decoders within DataWedge.

As per online documetantion for DataWedge for Android, Code ID Type - Permits the selection of a Code ID character to insert between the prefix and the decoded symbol. The Code ID character identifies the code type of a scanned barcode. This information can be useful to an application when multiple barcode types are being read. Available options:

  • Code ID Type None - Insert no prefix.
  • Code ID Type Aim - Inserts a standards-based three-character prefix.
  • Code ID Type Symbol - Inserts a Zebra-defined single-character prefix.

Symbol Code Identifiers and AIM Code Identifiers are listed at the end of this article.


DataWedge for Android

  1. Open DataWedge
  2. Select target profile. Example DWDemo.
  3. Locate 'Scan params'
  4. Select 'Code Id Type'
  5. Change the value to either Symbol or AIM
  6. Close DataWedge

DataWedge for Windows

  1. Open DataWedge
  2. Select Basic configuration> Scanner input> target Scanner/ Imager>. Example Kepler Imager
  3. Select 'Scan params'
  4. Select 'CodeID'
  5. Change the value to either Symbol or AIM
  6. Tap Back 3 times. Screen will show saving changes, please wait...
  7. Tap Home
  8. Exit DataWedge Settings

Symbol Code Identifiers

AIM Code Identifiers

Each AIM Code Identifier contains the three-character string ]cm where:

] = Flag Character (ASCII 93)
c = Code Character
m = Modifier Character


+ Applicable Products

  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • TC8000